5 places that your kids need to visit in India

5 places your kids need to see in India when they’re in school

No books, magazines or stories can expose your tiny tots to the cultural diversity, architectural grandeur, preserved heritage, flora and fauna and the plethora of cuisines in India except for globetrotting with them. When learning includes fun and adventure, why your kids would snub? So pack your bags and book your itinerary cause’ it’s time to explore India with your kids like never before.

Head on to these 7 places that your kids need to see in India when they’re in school:

  1. Kashmir– Stay in houseboats and shikaras

The Mughals named it “Paradise on earth” and British called it “Switzerland of the East”. Ever since the charisma of shikaras and houseboat intertwined on Dal Lake, it became splendid to witness snow-capped mountains, stunning valleys, exquisite craft and beautifully laid out gardens. Make it a once-in-a-lifetime visit at least with your kids to value Mother Nature.

  1. Sikkim– A Tiny braid of monks, wildlife and China border

Discover the hidden patriotism at Indo-china border; deal with red pandas and yaks in their natural habitat; get introduced to Buddhist culture and monasteries, and get absorbed in this platter of wisdom. Surely, Sikkim will leave your kids speechless, enhancing their compassion and generosity for the North Indian Armed forces living up there on the Himalayas and fighting for the nation along with the Tibetan refugees. Also, tell them about Dalai Lama and his story of exile.

  1. Munnar– Indulge in a diverse tea plantation

Sprawling tea plantation, picture-book towns and winding lanes make this a popular resort town. The cherry on the cake is the performance of traditional Kerala martial arts – Kalaripayattu, where young boys of all ages often take part in it and interact with the children afterwards. To understand cultural diversity & new rituals, this pristine place demands your kid’s arrival.

  1. Ranthambore National park– Capture Tigers

This National park is known for its magnificent tigers. People from across the globe come and visit India to see these astonishing creatures in their natural habitat. Have the kids look out for deer, nilgai, wild boars, bears, langurs etc. Many kids have a fantasy for wildlife so let these little Bear Grylls (Man vs Wild) go for their quest fulfilment.

  1. Taj Mahal, Agra- Witness the famous art 

The most beautiful Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world. It is often said, “India tour is incomplete without this gem –Taj Mahal”. True, this monument of love by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and its prodigious stories behind its architecture literally deserve attention. Give space to your parents to adore when they’re annoyed!

Wander onto this mystical and diverse tour of India with your kids during their school days. Believe me, this excursion would help them in various aspects of life and if that doesn’t help, then this will actually increase their GK marks. 😉







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