5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Dream BIGGER

“Dream Dekhna To Basic Hota Hai”, is the famous tagline from “Secret Superstar” that wowed us all!

Remember your childhood when you dreamt of becoming a pilot, a fighter or an artist. Anything and everything seemed possible back then. Now the tables have turned to you to see the same free spirit in your kids.

The passions children have, are clues to what their lives will be. If encouraged well to embrace their dreams, this will give a golden ticket to an adulthood filled with passion. And who doesn’t want that for their kids?

Good news – It’s possible. And it starts by raising children who value the importance of their very own dreams.

Here are 5 tips on how to encourage your kids to dream bigger.

1. Be a dream role model

There is a saying that children “learn what they live and live out what they learn.” As parents, we are always looked up to by our children. So, model big dreams in your own life. When we live our lives as a great adventure, we give our kids the courage to do the same.

2. Cheer their bucket list

“Introduce your kids to the idea of a ‘bucket list,’ and encourage them to make their own. This allows kids to experience the “power of intentionality” and self- confidence. Trust me, you’ll be surprised to see their brilliant ‘bucket list’.

3. Allow them to tinker

In free time, kids may choose to pursue interests such as repairing an old toy or giving a bath to a pet, which does not have a clearly defined outcome. That’s okay, encourage your children to practice their passion and interests. It’s important to have an open mind initially, especially when you don’t see how it’s beneficial.

4. Introduce BIG dreamers

These can be known people, those in your relationship and people from history such as Mahatma Gandhi or Alexander the Great. These inspiring dreamers help teach children to dream bigger and portray that anything is possible, no matter what the obstacle is.

5. Enjoy life as a Rollercoaster

To foster on “Dream Bigger”, we need to break out of the family routines. Be spontaneous. Get messy. Have dessert first. Have a ‘white sauce pasta’ dinner without any silverware. Plan your own holiday! There are a million different routine busters and, as a parent, you must exercise them on a regular basis to keep life fresh and exciting amidst the busyness.

To conclude, protect your children’s dreams. “In our fast-paced culture, resultant is valued over the process. In this environment, children’s dreams are seen as trivial and not taken seriously. Safeguard your children from this stereotype. Champion their passions and foster a rich environment for growing dream bigger.”

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