school in Greater Noida Extension

A Good School Option for Your Children in Noida Extension

Schooling is the foundational input in every child’s life. It serves as the base for every child as it enables the child minds to think creatively and have dreams beyond their imagination. Children are enrolled to a school at an early age expecting all basic fundamentals shall be taught to them.

From learning to talk, read and write they learn that how to interact with each other, to pronounce difficult words, sports, academics, extra-curricular activities also learning other languages, public speaking, outdoor activities, camping, educational trips etc. As the child gradually grows up, she/ he is introduced to higher class where they learn more about the subjects and encounter complex questions that make them master their problem-solving capabilities.

Since schooling has such an important role to play in every child’s life, therefore every parent should ensure that their children are enrolled in an appropriate school. Discuss, research and ask the parents of the children who are already enrolled in a school, as it is a good way of knowing about the reputation and the atmosphere of the Institution.

Salvation Tree School is a new school in Noida Extension. It is inspired by the God’s word, here teaching is inspired by biblical principles. Salvation Tree is a school that fulfils every expectation of a smart and rational parent is looking for in an appropriate school.
If you live in Greater Noida and wish to enroll your children in a school guided by the God’s principles, then keep a tab on our website to stay updated about the prospectus and admission details. We have already started on with our batch of young learners. Visit our facebook page to know more about the school and the activities.

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