Balancing screen time for your kid

Digital growth of today’s generation is relentless as kids are adapting ‘fast and furious’ lifestyle to amuse themselves. However, a halt is must, right?

Virtual reality is a new ‘Bermuda triangle’ for our kids, be it television, mobile, iPads or playstations, where kids get trapped, lost and mentally distracted. Excessive exposure to screen is turning out to be a disturbing family lore for many of us. However, balance is required everywhere. Just as in your kitchen-ology, ‘mix juice’ requires perfect blend of every fruit, similarly in your kid-ology kids require perfect balance of screen time.

5 easy ways for balancing screen time for your kids:

  1. Set sensible time limits

Limit screen use to 1 hour per day, that too of high-quality programs for your children. It’s vital to structure out a regulated screen time for your kids. Ensure gazing at screens shouldn’t devour their waking hours.

  1. Be specific in media content

Kids may not yet understand silly plot lines or fantastical characters, nor will they understand violent or inappropriate imagery therefore choosing the appropriate content to watch on TV for your rug rat is extremely vital. You may like to choose informative and creative channels along with the hint of music & sports.

  1. Build digital bond

Don’t confuse it with spending time with your little ones. It’s fairly about interacting digitally with your child. For instance, watching a children’s TV show or cartoon together while chatting about the characters and plot, or Skyping with relatives together would surely neutralize the ill effects of screen time.

  1. Live real-world experiences

As specified above, about ‘blends’ setting limits on screen time is just a foremost step, but the rest of your kiddo’s time will also be important.  Children learn best through real-world experiences to play, explore and interact in real life, far from screens.

  1. Finally, Take a chill pill

If your kid is being neglectful and things are not working out, don’t panic if you slip up occasionally. Be patient, it’s nearly impossible to get everything absolutely perfect. In today’s digital world, it can be extremely difficult to prevent children from ingesting excessive energy around screens or to ensure they’re only exposed to age-appropriate media.

Your child might feel you are enforcing their life by taking away the control of remote or gadgets. What’s more critical is the quality of media your kid is exposed to; how it fits into your family’s lifestyle, and how you engage your kids with it. Though being a parent can be a challenging role for you, remember there is also a Superhero and Wonder-woman within you! Nothing is impossible, just go with the flow.



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