Education on safety precaution measure

Schooling doesn’t only have to deal with providing preliminary education; it should rather keep a constant check on safety precaution measures. Though many schools have taken serious steps to spruce up security and safety measures, yet a lot more needs to be done from the parents’ side too.

Here is the parent study rulebook to ensure a safe school experience.

Rule1: Memorize the School’s emergency procedures

Roll out the handbook consisting of emergency procedures and phone numbers to your children. Take out some time to revise and teach them the procedure with the demonstration. For instance, playing fire alarm with an extinguisher or ‘doctor-doctor’ with first aid kit helps the child to comprehend the safety measures. In emergency conditions, this will enhance a child’s confidence to act promptly and smartly.

Rule 2: Play ‘to and fro’ from the school

During any road predicament such as blocked roads, ensure that your child knows both primary and secondary routes towards the home. For instance, while driving a car you can play the game -‘What next?’ to stimulate their curiosities.

Rule 3: Learn & follow security and safety measures

Teach your child the know-hows of school security and safety measures. Start from scratch from wearing identity card daily and then gradually move towards maintaining a sports uniform. Parents should also follow certain safety measures to set a great example for their kids.

Rule 4: Sit and talk it out!

A one-on-one conversation with your child about safety is a must. Be specific, talk about instinct and pay attention to an ethos of fear. Elaborate on what to do if she doesn’t feel safe (find a teacher, call 100 etc.). Make sure she knows the drill –to contact you or a trusted neighbour.

Rule 5: Share with the school staff

Inform school staff about health and emotional concerns. Whether your child has a food allergy, a physical disability, or has been subject to bullying, make sure to keep your child’s teachers and principal in the loop.

Rule 6: Do the amendments

PTM (parent-teacher meetings) is a significant time for direct discussions with the principal on improvising school safety. Ask them – Do faculty and staff greet visitors? Do you know who all are there in your school? Are there sign-in procedures, visitor identification badges etc.?

Overall, children health, security and safety measures in school come to the utmost importance for both parents and teachers. However, it’s unfortunate that we have to talk about the educational institutes’ safety. However this issue isn’t only of parents, now it’s time for children to perceive and follow up the precautions guidelines.

Ask your child about safety in school. If not yet, then it’s time! 

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