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The academic session commences from the first week of April 2022.

For the 2021-22 school year, Salvation Tree School is open for students aged 2+ to 9+ years (Pre-Nur to IX).

Salvation Tree School offers a curriculum, which combines the best of national and international practices in education. Our curriculum adopts a whole-child approach to learning; and enriches the CBSE Curriculum by introducing integrated, experiential, and inquiry-based approach to learning.
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We observe rolling admission. If seats are available, children can join the school throughout the year. More information on the school’s admission process is available on our website
The school offers a curriculum where arts and PE are seamlessly integrated into academics. Visual Arts (painting and pottery), Performing Arts (vocal and instrumental music, dance, and drama), Physical Education (a range of team and individual sports: soccer, cricket, basketball, athletics, skating, etc.) are integrated into the curriculum.
At Salvation Tree School, we do not use the word “extra –curricular”. Every activity that the student participates in, is part of the integrated curriculum, in which academics, arts, and PE enable holistic development of the child. Students participate in sports, art, dance, and drama festivals right from Nursery. As part of their curriculum, students celebrate and participate in recitations, debates, science exhibitions, and field trips. Visits from eminent members of the community also enrich their learning. Till Grade III, these are non-competitive activities .The aim is to develop the talent and fulfil the potential of each child.

Yes. We have rolling admissions and based on availability of seats, children can enroll throughout the year.

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