Dear Students and Parents,
We are so excited to begin this journey with you! Salvation Tree School is founded on Biblical principles combined with a world-class education. It is our passion and purpose to equip all Salvation Tree students with academic, personal and spiritual skills that will prepare them for the most competitive colleges and the most successful future.
Our dream of transforming lives started in June 2010 when we started a free school to educate the children of our factory employees. What started out as a small contribution to transform lives has now blossomed into a life-long passion on a much larger scale. We are personally committed to excellence with a rigorous curriculum that encourages creative thinking and hands-on experiences that will build strong leadership skills and character.
Our vision is to inspire students to lead God-honoring lives filled with purpose and to confidently embrace limitless opportunities to impact the world. Development and construction for this school has been made using our own private funds and is a true testimony to our dedication and commitment to all of the elite students at Salvation Tree School. We are honored to share this journey together and have the opportunity to serve you and your child.
Many Blessings, Varun and Laurie Sharma