How themed classroom studies can teach lessons for life

How themed classroom studies can teach lessons for life

The school is an institution where the parents send their young ones to get educated so that they can become independent, wise, honest, and hardworking and most importantly be able to make a living for themselves. Selecting the school can provide wings to their dreams, this is the initial step towards the big life plans that parents have for their children.

There is a famous saying which goes ‘you can take a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink’, implying that you can only be a part in selecting the school for your child but it is their duty to transact well. Starting with nursery class, every child spends around 14 years in a school seeking education. Going to school, coming back, giving exams- can be monotonous for school going children.

But ask yourselves; is this the correct way to educate children? Not every child is bright and some may need more guidance than others and it is the duty of the teacher to carefully mould the brains and thoughts of their students so that they have a more focussed mindset. Children have dreams and they should be encouraged!

There could be some boring subjects along the way like geography, history, civics, etc. which serve like sleeping pills for some students. But we have to study them, no matter what. So what can be done? Boring classroom sessions can be made fun, enjoyable and interactive with themed studies. It will not only make each session enjoyable but also help every student to fall in love with the process of learning.

Extracurricular activities do help the students but those happen once in a blue moon so themed classroom studying is the key!

Using the gift of technology themed classroom studying is the new way of teaching. Theme classes are a great way to bring life to everyday teaching. It brings a new sense of energy by connecting thoughts and technology with what is actually going on in the world.

Suppose it is a history class, the teacher can dress up like a historical character and teach. Just imagine how much fun (and knowledgeable) the entire session would be. The students would be looking forward to attend every class. Have themes related to subjects, important topics, and national issues, there are so many things that can be done. Students can be encouraged to organize their versions and incorporate their ideas into it. Presentations, skits, etc. there are so many ways to go about it. Not just the teachers, the school too can organize such themed sessions to raise awareness.

So, if you’re a teacher, you should definitely try the concept of themed classes in your next lesson. It will also make you popular among your students and actually help the students to study and participate. And if you’re a student, refer this to your teacher and let studies never be boring again!


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