How to ace your every paper

How to Ace Your Every Paper

Every now and then, you meet a person who is taking up exams or is about to take them. Ask them about how are their preparations and most of them will reply not great. Why is it so?

It doesn’t matter what you study all year as long as you score well in your final paper as it reflects what all you studied all year long. Do you have a problem with planning out your schedule? Do you miss to study everything in the given time? Gather your pens, papers, and notebooks, stationary as it’s time to study!

Here are some handy tips to help to you score better marks and most importantly, help you organize your study time well so that you score well.

1) Divide your subjects

First and foremost, divide how many subjects you have, then accordingly mark the dates on your calendar. Keep enough days in between, while making your study schedule. You don’t want to miss out on any topic.

2) Count your chapters and divide them accordingly

After you have divided your subjects, divide your chapters. There should be enough time period for each chapter. Some chapters may be longer than the others, so plan accordingly.

2) Mark your dates

According to the subjects and the chapters, mark your dates and make your study list. As you start with your preparations, do cross out the things you have studied. It will help you keep a better tab on all the remaining subjects.

3) Time management

Give ample time to each topic, like two hours or something so that you study everything properly without leaving out a single topic. Proper time management definitely provides with better results.

4) Revision time

Leave a few days for the revision. Sometimes you might forget a particular thing that you have studied. Leave the end days to catch up upon the missed ut topics and for revising everything.


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