How to build confidence in kids

The way you talk to your children is the single greatest factor in shaping their personalities and self-esteem.
                                                                                                                                              -Brian Tracy

Reciting poem in the classroom, kicking a football in the ground, riding cycle to a school, experimenting with chemicals in a lab, delivering a speech in an auditorium or performing a dance in annual function – all these activities challenge something called as ‘self-confidence’ in your child. While raising happy, healthy, and self-confident children is every parent’s dream, few of us forget that this confidence is dependent on how we treat our little ones.

So, what is confidence?

Take the belief that you are valuable and worthwhile; add in the optimism in certain abilities; and act courageously to face a challenge head-on. This is confidence and it turns thoughts into action. Here are a few important tips to build self-confidence in your child.

Four important tips for raising self-confidence in your child are:

1. Shower your kiddo with love

The most obvious but eminent thing you can give your child is ‘love’—always dole out plenty of love, even if you do it imperfectly —by the way, who doesn’t? Remember! The foundation of self-confidence is self-esteem. As their day begins with family, your child needs to feel accepted and loved. At times, you might yell or make some other parenting mistake, just hug your child and say you’re sorry & you love them. Therefore, it will entrust your kid to share their feelings.

2. Always cheer them up!

No one is ‘Perfect at everything’ all the time. There will be setbacks and failures sometimes, it’s okay to face it, and everyone does. Let’s remember that even J.K. Rowling was rejected by twelve different publishers before one picked up “Harry Potter.” So instead of dwelling in disappointments, use these hurdles as learning experiences to tell your kid the old adage, “Try, try, try again,” and never give up, no matter what comes.

3. Time to set rules

Structure out rules for your kid to bring stability. Initially, your child will think the rules are too strict, but, later, she will have confidence in what she can and can’t do. Learning and following rules give children a sense of security and confidence. Set rules and enforce them consistently. Someday your child will appreciate having the foundation and confidence to say, “No, I can’t do that”.

4. Converse with Positivity with kids

The most powerful thing for parents to have happy and confident children is to speak to their kid in a good manner. When children are growing up, they have no self-concept about themselves. So if you want to have a magnificent impression on your children, constantly feed them positive reinforcement. Never criticize, never blame, and never complain to your children. Always strengthen them up.

So, while wrapping up, we can say being a dedicated parent is not enough. At the end of the game, the stroke is in their hand. So give your kids a pep talk, stand up for them and go for it. Understand them to feel excitement while knowing that whatever the result is, you’ll gain greater knowledge.

This is confidence. ?

Now Think and Comment!

What do you do for your children to ensure they become self-confident individuals? Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to follow-up with you. Happy parenting!

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