How to develop creativity for kids

Creativity doesn’t come to a sharp mind; it rather goes along with anyone.

A universal myth tells, “Creativity is an inherent talent that the kids either do or do not have”. Just as all children are not equally intelligent, all children are not equally creative either. Creativity is more than an inherent talent, which parents can help to foster in their kids.

Here are five tips in which you can develop creativity in your kids:

1. Abracadabra!

Initially, let time not be a constraint for the out-of-the-box processing of your child’s brain. Allow for free time! Watch magical films with your child. One experiment found that if children watched a certain 15-minute video clip of Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland, containing magical content, they were more creative several days later. So break out the popcorn and coke, turn off the lights and enjoy!

2. Slice out! A creative arena

This doesn’t mean a fancy playroom, just designate a small space where your children can foster their creativity or can even mess around. It could be a tiny corner with a sack of legos; a box of old clothes for playing dress-up; colours and sheet to paint; or even a backyard for gardening. Overall, the key is to make them feel like wizards.

3. Limits! What’s that? / Never put Limits

Creativity is not limited to artistic and musical expression – it is essential for science, math, and even for social and emotional intelligence. Why? Because creative people are flexible and they are the Sherlock Holmes to any problem. It makes kids more adaptable towards new technology, transformation as well as towards catching new opportunities.

4. Explore more routes

Give children the opportunity to express “divergent thought.” Let them disagree with you. Encourage them to find more routes to a solution to a problem. When they successfully solve a problem, ask them to solve it again but to find a new way to do it (same solution, different route). Hence, emphasize process than a result. You can even ask – Did you have fun? Or, what did you like about the activity?

5. Finally, Don’t be so bossy

Allow kids the freedom to explore, ideate and do what they want, “Don’t be so bossy”. External constraints such as “color within the lines”, so to speak—can reduce flexibility in thinking. In one recent study, just providing a demonstration of “how to put together a model”, shows, it reduces the creative approaches that kids accomplished for any task. Well, a simple step is to let them be a free- bird.

Overall, a child’s brain is a kaleidoscopic mixture of curiosity, innovation and imagination. They either do miracles or disasters, you never know, what the next page is holding for you. So let the little ones fly into their creative world. “Keep it simple” for kids as well as for you and let the wheels of their imagination spin and establish what they aspire.

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