How to save your child from becoming a digital addict?

Are you tired of not getting back a response from your child? Are their eyes always glued to screens? As games and apps – even educational ones – are designed to keep users hooked, tech addiction is possible for young children. While a child’s all-round development requires physical activity, social interaction and creative play immersion into gadgets is hampering all and leaving a digital dopamine.

Here are 6 handy tips to rescue your child:

  1. Indulge in creative arena

The facts remain the same that children reach out to these gadgets for entertainment because they are bored. Make them busy with the new art form. Introduce craft, painting, play dough-modeling, music and try to build it as the new hobby.

  1. Listen to the ‘little inner voice’

If you think your tween-to-teen might be spending too much time in front of the screen, start the conversation about what your child is receiving from spending so much time online. Is it because technology offering is an escape from daily pressures and concerns? Listen to it. Trust it.

  1. Schedule an e-free days

Set a particular time at home when nobody utilizes gadgets. Mobile phones, PCs, iPad…everything is off. Often spend time in talking, playing board games, cooking, and influencing art…anything imaginative or social will do.

  1. Invest energy in kids’ clubhouse

Outdoor activity is vital. It prompts physical, social and psychological development. Children should have the capacity to run, jump and climb. Explore ‘Toon house’ and make them explore the world.

  1. Take them out on weekends

Holidays are the best getaway for a child as well for a parent, to revive the energy and amuse themselves in nature’s beauty. Small weekend tours can help in engaging child and also learn something unique from the trip.

  1. Finally, Download apps to monitor time

Teach your child about when, where and how to use technology & when to unplug it. If needed, employ beneficial parent knowledge apps that help you monitor passwords, time online, websites visited. Additionally, schedule a starting and stopping point for on your child’s online connection. Just make sure you don’t impose.

Your tiny tot may throw tantrums and not like the rules forced upon them but, that is why they are a child, unknown to substantial benefits. To conclude, be the epitome of “practice what you preach” telling your tween-to-teen to limit their digital use will not have the effect you desire unless by doing it yourself.

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