MAKING OF LEADERS at Salvation Tree School

MAKING OF LEADERS at Salvation Tree School

Times are evolving and one of the emerging needs of the times is to breed leaders who shall take the mantle of tomorrow. The first step in doing so is to identify the steps that make a leader and then groom kids accordingly in order to get the desired results.

At STS we work on the following elements with our students:

  1. VISION: We give our students a clear sense of purpose and direction, wherein we share with them why certain things are being done and how they are to be done and why. Thus, preparing them to face the challenges of tomorrow.
  2. COURAGE: We infuse determination in our students with will power and patience so that they can learn to see things through and through and, thus face all upcoming challenges confidently.
  3. PASSION: The latent passion in each child is identified and the same is addressed individually, in order to help the child pursue his / her passion, and attain happiness and satisfaction in doing so.
  4. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Each individual has varying levels of emotional intelligence; we at STS gauge their hidden talents and skills and further channelize it for the students, this we do by constant monitoring and sharing.
  5. RESILENCE : Staying optimistic, resilient, calm in times of crisis and still having the energy and positivity to face the times requires utmost knowledge of self and also having personal strategies. Resilience shall enable them to remain steady and take all challenges that come their way.
  6. PERSUANCE: in times of almost all being extremely volatile its confident communication skills and storytelling strategies which foster desirable results. An ability to persuade, and by being a great listener it helps individuals to make a difference. Such skills are identified and polished at STS.
  7. CURIOSITY: Curiosity in students is necessary for creative thinking. For leaders who are outward looking and curious, it helps. Someone who is ready to keep one foot outside the school to look at what’s going on elsewhere and also remains smart to pick good ideas and then apply them in their context to benefit all is an achiever. Thus making our students excellent and outstanding citizens, also a lot that is efficient and would be successful leaders of the world.

Salvation Tree School meticulously plans and delivers services which are required at initial stages of life, in order to have a purpose identified and purpose driven life.

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