Salvation Tree Foundation

The Salvation Tree Foundation is a non-profit organization (registered under Section 501 (C) (3) with a universal goal to create more equitable and merit-based society by empowering children through education and bringing meaning into the lives of the under privileged and marginalized.

The Salvation Tree Foundation was established by Laurie Sharma and Varun Sharma with the fundamental mission to provide transformational education, creativity, aesthetics and etiquette for the indigent children. The foundation saw its light of the day along with the growth and expansion of JPC, a forward-thinking clothing company. In order to provide the gift of learning to one and all, the foundation has extended a privilege to its employees of sending their children to school. This is in sync with their aspiration of developing an unmatched presence in learning and education, for which they have started the Salvation Tree School in Noida.

Currently, the foundation nurtures children from Kindergarten to Class-7 for free education along with various other facilities such as books,  school accessories and uniforms. The Salvation Tree School is progressive initiative of The Salvation Tree Foundation. The Foundation works closely with the school and gives every possible access to expertise in education that is required for building an ideal school.

JPC, the parent company, has made a global commitment to donate 3% of the company proceeds to fund the mission of Salvation Tree Foundation with an intent to increase the contribution on a continual basis. Through the School, the Foundation intends to take the responsibility of increasing the impact on the educational landscape of India and fulfill the dream of embracing every child with affection, compassion and education.

“You too can have a stake in this collective responsibility”

Extend your helping hand of humanity to affect the lives of those who are in need