Salvation Tree, Sec – 48, Noida

Salvation Tree, a recognized not-for-profit, 501(c)3, was formed by Laurie Sharma and Timmy Sharma to bring hope and meaning into the lives of the destitute. The main mission of Salvation Tree is to provide education and food for the poor and needy children in India.

JPC, through Salvation Tree, has provided it’s employees a school, with unmatched quality of education for their children. Currently, it nurtures children between the ages of 4 – 12. The school provides free education, books, school accessories and uniforms to the children. Each year a new class is being added as the senior-most class is ready to go to the next one.

JPC has made a global commitment to donate 3% of the company proceeds to help fund the mission of Salvation Tree with a goal to increase this contribution on a continual basis.

Through the Salvation Tree, your purchase of JPC products will assist in reaching Proud Sponsor out and extending the helping hand of humanity to affect the lives of those who are much less fortunate.

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