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School in Greater Noida

Victor Hugo rightly said that a person, who opens the door of a school, actually closes a prison! Children are innocent and are a lot like bloating paper, they will absorb anything they see or hear. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they should be provided an environment where they will get just the positive things and can learn. Schools play a crucial role in the upbringing of a child and we, at Salvation Tree School, understand it well.

Salvation Tree School

Salvation Tree School understands and values each and every student as the country’s future. We, at Salvation Tree School, deliver international standards of education. Salvation Tree School have a global outlook and is a very progressive school. The school is based on CBSE board and is empowered by “ULT” of “The India Today Group”. Our aim is to bring high standards of education to your children through advanced and quality teaching methods. With advanced teaching facilities and an experienced faculty, our main objective is to transform the lives of the children and take him/her to a positive and bright future.


Salvation Tree School offers an excellent infrastructure that will help your children study well and feel like home.

Classrooms: The classrooms are spacious, airy, and bright. Children need a healthy place to learn and that is why the furniture is ergonomic and is of high standards. To make the children feel and study in a homely environment, the classrooms are designed to have a perfect balance of artificial and natural light. Further, in order to ensure exciting teaching session and maximum participation, there are exciting teaching aids in every classroom such as a projector and smart board.

Activity Room: Here in Salvation Tree School inspiration and imagination meet stimulation and children are also introduced to exciting physical activities. Students undergo spontaneous learning through various planned tasks, role play, and interactions.

Sports Field: Students can play outdoor sports such as cricket and football in our sports field. There is also a track that surrounds the sports field. We provide equipment that is of prescribed and high standards, which will make sure that your children get the best facilities. Further, our experienced and skilled trainers will always keep an eye on your children for their safety.

Library: The library is designed for collaborative research and work, and quiet reading. There is an extensive collection of books (fiction and non-fiction), literature (classic and contemporary), picture books, digital content and reference material.

Visual Art Room: We provide room and opportunity to our students to express their thoughts through artwork. Your children will be given space where he/she can display his/her creation. We will help your children to bring out the painter or the artist in them.

Performing Arts Room: Through theatre, dance, and music your children will learn to understand the beauty of sound, movement, and form. This will further help them develop their freedom of expression, creativity, and articulation.

Jhoola Bari: Children can play with slides, swings, and various such exciting activities under our team of qualified teachers’ constant supervision.

Amphitheatre: This will encourage cultural expression and confidence in your children. It will also serve as an ideal place where teachers and students can work on school projects or meet up and discuss anything after class.

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