Salvation Tree school

Schools in Noida Extension

Selecting a school in Noida has become easy now, over the past couple of years many new schools have opened up near the Noida and greater Noida vicinity. This has been possible due to aggressive real estate and infrastructure development which is in respect to the demand of housing and commercial plots in Noida region. Some of the new schools which has opened up are from famous brand names, who has established their legacy over the years. However, that doesn’t ensure quality education and attention which your children require in this competitive world.

Your child needs care, love, attention, innovative ways of learning new things and most importantly nurturing essential elements of personality development. A modern school of Noida region should follow a curriculum which has the following areas of development

  1. Cerebral – Throwing problems at children and making them find new ways of solving them would increase the power of critical thinking.
  2. Physical – Teamwork, dedication, enthusiasm, quest for excellence and sense of fair play is what a child should learn from the physical activities performed at school.
  3. Emotional – Development of self confidence, discipline, motivation and emotional stability.
  4. Ethical – Character building, compassion and instilling a Christian value system built on Biblical value would make your child future and cross-cultural ready.
  5. Social – development of interpersonal communication and tem spirit skills suitable for a wide variety of social structures.
  6. Creative – students should be encouraged to explore and develop their talents through visual performing arts programs.

So if you are looking for all of this for your child then your hunt for the right school is narrowed down to one which is Salvation Tree School.

STS, located in Noida Extension provides uniqueness in imparting effective and gainful education that stands justified in light of our unique wholesome understanding of the teaching and learning environment thus, giving benefit of continuity, which starts from the classrooms moves to the corridors, expands over the campus and gets visible to community at large. This back and forth view helps see the big picture and paint it likewise.

The unconditional support of the Salvation Tree School Management, the crisp yet flexible administration helps the faculty and staff to seamlessly deliver productive outputs thus, catering to the expectations of its Students, Parents and the Community at large.

To know, see, learn and experience the complete picture of Education Today, the STS experience is strongly recommended.