salvation tree school in noida

Stronger the foundation, better the intellect!

Our kids going to school today, when would get an opportunity to use all that they studied in school, by then average 15 years down the line the Language and the Technology would have completely changed.

Therefore, only the ones who would have mastered their Foundational Skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills would be able to cope up with the Language and Technology of the time and survive.

Keeping this fact in mind teachers at Salvation Tree School emphasise on honing up the Foundational Skills of our students. A Special and focused emphasis that is age appropriate, is given to students at STS on a daily, regular and continued basis.

The STS curriculum is pre planned annually, with a month based segregation done according to the planned themes. Each Lesson Plan the teacher prepares has an in build provision of resource material, teaching aids and methods that shall be fit to help each student in the class to understand and learn the underlying Principles and Concepts through Audio, Video and by hands on doing ( kinaesthetic ).

STS teachers consciously observe each students approach to learn and accordingly, furnish a conducive environment for each student to Construct Understanding for their own and thus are lead to independently Construct Knowledge.

At STS student assessments are a planed integral part of the teaching learning activities taking place at School. Our teachers while preparing lesson plan have clarity about age appropriate topics to be taught while keeping in mind the expected learning outcome of the same. Also, the teachers have pre identified Descriptors in mind (i.e. clarity of concepts, application, problem solving, investigation etc.) which serve as Indicators for the teachers to assess the outcome of the teaching learning exercise with a special emphasis on each child in the class. Teachers on a weekly basis consequently prepare and Assessment Portfolio which is Class specific, Student specific, Subject specific, and also Week specific.

The Assessment Portfolio furnishes a complete Academic Progression Mapping wherein the evolved progression path of each child can be studied and reviewed for any evaluation or assessment purpose. This tool is being prepared by each teacher at STS which serves as a transcription over any specified period of time. Teachers do so to lessen the performance anxiety pangs of not only Parents but of Students and Teachers as well.

In light of the growing stress amongst student, teachers and parents this exercise has helped each constituency named above, as this has helped reducing their performance related anxiety. These assessment portfolios shall change hands in every academic sessions during the journey of the each student in our school, thus helping teachers, parents and also students to refer and conclude by interpreting the recorded observations.

STS provides new vistas for Extracurricular Activities by fostering new Ideas, Creativity and Innovation in a guided and monitored environment. STS teachers subscribe to the philosophy of Hand holding and Mentoring its students in a well guided and guarded fashion. Understanding interpreting and channelizing the aspirations of its students remains the priority of the STS team.