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We teach to passionately transform the lives of children/students

Our country lacks facilities in providing proper education to every child, this statement needs no elucidation. It has been a concern since long and the Indian Educational System has often been held responsible for its lack in providing proper education and knowledge to the students. World-renowned poet, Rabindranath Tagore, too spoke and wrote about the India’s Educational System at length and often pointed out how the education system lacked with major content that needs to be taught to everyone. The Question is, what do we do?

What is the solution to this plight that our country is facing? Opening up more schools and colleges, is this the solution for this crisis that our country is facing? Frankly, no. because the key is not opening more educational institutions because the problem lies in the approach and not in the lack of institutions. Rote learning is continuously afflicting the educational system of India. Our country has one of the most influential leaders in the world, kind of contradicting the fact that India lacks the proper educational methods.

We teach to passionately transform the lives of children/students

Our education system is geared and driven towards teaching through textbooks and then the performance is tested by the scores you get, is it even fair? What about other factors such as testing what is being taught to them, in the real world? We all are just following the cramming system; the fundamental flaw in our system.
Salvation Tree School is an option in Greater Noida, West, that is based on the preferred CBSE board of education. Just like other schools, we too teach children but what makes us different is that our focus is not on just classroom teachings but more!

At Salvation Tree School, our mission is simple- to passionately transform the lives of your children by employing biblical teachings, truth, and methods to educate every child in the best way possible. We not only concentrate on the books and the syllabus, but also on various extra-curricular activities, give extra emphasis on smart-room class structure. The smart class way of teaching is the best way to make education fun and an enjoyable learning experience. We regularly host fun activities that test their learnings in the best way possible and also helps them to understand how world works, how to react in various situations, helps with public speaking, enhances their confidence and most importantly, gives them the confidence to face any problem.

Our mission is simple, each child that takes admission in Salvation Tree School does amazing things with their lives. Our staff consists of trained faculty that ensures that we help the kids in each step and becoming the wings to their dreams, adovacing hand holding and mentoring thus leading by example (i.e. Walk the Talk).

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