Why is education IMPORTANT?

Why is Education IMPORTANT?

Education is important because we can actually read what we have written, isn’t this a good enough reason. Education is important and so is knowledge as with knowledge comes immense power. Where does one get his or her education from? A School!

The school teaches us many things like how to read, write, interact with people, about personality development, art, painting, drawing, introduction to sports, etc. we learn so much from a school. The idea of a school is beautiful, different innocent souls are enrolled to a teaching institution where they spend their time studying, acquiring knowledge and making friends, learning and understanding the same thing as you- how amazing is that?

But why does everyone emphasize so much on education and its importance? Education is the key, the answer to all the major problems in the world. Poverty, corruption- all can be solved with one thing i.e. education. There is nothing that cannot be solved with proper education. It not only makes a person wise but enhances their knowledge to think clearly and rationally. But most importantly it gives…

  1. Confidence- learning about new subjects and becoming proficient in various skills not only makes a child wiser but also increases their overall confidence. It gives them the confidence of knowing things, to practically think upon situations and how to handle them in the most correct way.
  2. Ability to socialize- we humans are social animals and we need people around to interact with other people and school is the right place to learn and talk with people. It not only teaches us how to socialize with other but also gives us friends for life.
  3. Teamwork- in schools, not only we meet different people from various backgrounds but it also teaches us about teamwork and the importance of teamwork.
  4. Information- Google may be the source of all the information available in the world but a school is a place where you learn to apply that knowledge in real time.

Education gives us knowledge, an ability to understand the world around us. It also helps us to think better, make the right decisions, build up opinions and have views about different things in life. Education may be the process of gaining information and also enables us to make the right decisions for us, makes us capable of interpreting things. Therefore, one should never underestimate the power that education holds and should always encourage their children and people around us to get Education, even the maid and other help who helps us at our homes.

What they say is right, pen is indeed the mightiest weapon known to mankind!

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